Comprehensive SEO Site Migrations

Website Migrations

Maintain traffic with an SEO friendly website migration

Website migration’s are often the perfect opportunity to refresh content, update web designs and improve UX and site functionality. With this said, it’s absolutely vital that SEO is central to any migration project you undertake – if it isn’t, your search visibility is in jeopardy and the recovery process can be an incredibly long one. 

I can help ensure any website migration project is catered for in an SEO sense, collaborating with you and other stakeholders (developers, designers etc.) to provide expert consultancy, helping limit and mitigate any risks involved.

Website Architecture

Analysing your current site structure and providing recommendations to enhance your SEO output. Using keyword research and competitor analysis to determine an SEO friendly information architecture.

Redirects & Internal Linking

Ensuring priority, relevant and rich pages are correctly redirected and updated to your new website. Cleaning internal links to ensure they are updated and represented with migrated URL paths.

Streamlining a Website Migration

You don’t need to be fearful of migrations but you should understand the risks involved before allocating budget on a brand new website. 

Central to your project should be your website’s SEO.

Moving lots of legacy content and pages to a new interface or domain requires care,  ensuring that Google and other search engines understand the relationship between your old website and your new one. 

If you need expert advice or a hands-on approach to your website’s SEO during the migration, why not get in touch by clicking the button below and start your SEO journey today!

I can help with:
  • Website architecture
  • Redirects
  • Internal linking
  • Robots.txt & htaccess
  • Sitemaps
  • Site audits & crawls
  • Subdomain migrations
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