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Strong local SEO is critical to outranking your neighbours

There is a significant amount of value in ensuring that your local SEO is strong. Not only are links from local businesses to your website mutually beneficial, they also offer a powerful signal to Google and other search engines of your domains quality. Localised targeting can offer your company the opportunity to rank more favourably to geo-specific search queries and can provide the perfect platform to build momentum to jump ahead of your competition for that all important real estate at the top of SERPs. 

Localised Geo Targeting

Typically, this involves an audit of your website with focus on opportunities to enhance your local SEO through technical and on-page work. With the right local keyword targeting, you'll be surprised just how much extra organic traffic your website can achieve.

Google My Business

A central focus for all Local SEO work, Google My Business can help unlock new opportunities for gaining leads and revenue. Is your GMB optimised? Are you receiving positive and relevant reviews? I can help you maximise any potential for new business in this area.

Boost traffic with local SEO

Improving your local SEO can be a really effective way of gaining extra, relevant traffic to your website whilst moving ahead of your competition in the process.

A website should include some form of localised targeting element throughout. This not only provides positive quality signals to Google and other search engines, it allows you to rank better locally for keywords which may be harder to rank for more broadly.

Why is this good? No matter the size of your company, ranking well for local searches helps build your reputation within a designated area. Gaining positive reviews from featured map listings and Google My Business will help provide you with solid organic foundations on which to build from.

If you would like to find out more or need help with your local SEO strategy, get in touch and start your SEO journey today!

I Can Help With:
  • Google My Business
  • On & off-page local SEO
  • Localised schema markup
  • Business directories
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